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Serenity Skincare Kit




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This kit consists of:

1.Retinol Night Cream With Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid | Pilgrim | 8ml: Pilgrim Retinol Night Cream with Vitamin C | Anti-ageing, Discover Youthful & Radiant Skin. For Wrinkles, Fine Lines. Dry, Acne Prone, Normal Skin. Men and Women. Korean Beauty.

 Must Try For:

 This anti-ageing Night Cream is formulated with the best ingredients that support repair and regeneration to keep ageing at bay!


 - Treats Signs of Ageing Reverses fine lines & wrinkles, fades sun spots and smoothens the complexion. This anti-ageing Night Cream is formulated with the best ingredients that support repair and regeneration to keep ageing at bay!

 - Enhances Glow Refines the skin's texture and improves the appearance of blemishes and acne scars. This Anti-ageing cream for oily skin & dry skin, ultra-hydrating cream with a gel balm texture, provides the skin with bursts of moisture through the Night to visibly plump the skin and smooth outlines.

 - Youthful Skin Increases cell turnover rate to reveal fresh and youthful skin. Pilgrim Retinol anti-ageing cream for women is thoughtfully crafted to work synergistically with Night's natural repair process and to enhance it.

 - Suitable for Dry, Normal, Oily, Combination & Sensitive Skin: Formulated using only the purest ingredients, this night cream for women anti ageing is ideal for use for all skin types by both men and women. One of the features is Quick Absorbing. Enriched with a high level of minerals, it revitalizes, renews and hydrates the skin, resulting in a radiant, glowing complexion!

 - Natural Ingredients, No Toxins: Crafted following strict guidelines of THE PILGRIM CODE, this gel is FDA approved, Contains No Paraben, No Sulphate, No Mineral Oils as well as other harsh chemicals, and is Cruelty-free. fine lines and wrinkles from forming and fills out existing ones to reduce their appearance.

2.Plum Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer for Daily Use | For Oily, Acne-Prone Skin | Lightweight, Matte Formula | Plum | 15ml: Hand-picked non-comedogenic ingredients in a silicone-free, matte-finish moisturiser. Every day, a pleasant after-feel, a non-shiny finish, and acne control. Controlled hydration, a non-shiny matte finish, acne (pimple) control, and a fresh, clear appearance are all part of this multi-dimensional care.


- Light, matte finish moisturiser especially formulated for oily skin.

- Glycolic acid helps keep skin clear.

- Weeds out dead cells and fastens skin renewal process.

- Anti-oxidants in green tea extracts act against the acne formation process.

- 100% silicone-free, non-comedogenic ingredients.

- Can also be used as night cream for oily skin.

- Convenient, spill-proof pump pack.


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