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The Man Company Sleep Better Minstrips Blueberry Chamomile
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The Sleep Better MinStrips are non-habit forming Vitamin oral strips that help catch enough Zzzzzzzzzz and have a restful sleep. They dissolve rapidly to ensure Better absorption and nutrition. Just peel The pouch, place The strip on your tongue and pause for The Vitamin magic to happen. Take one strip a day to push stress and anxiety away.  


- Reduces insomnia: Is insomnia your unwanted friend? We will help keep it away from you. Sleep Better MinStrips have Melatonin, Chamomile and Nano-Valerian that improve The Sleep-wake cycle and reduce insomnia. - Improves Sleep quality: If you keep waking up in The middle of The night or keep tossing and turning in bed, The Sleep Better MinStrips are Min-t for you. The natural Sleep-inducing ingredients ensure that you have a good night’s Sleep and wake up like a fresh daisy. - No side effects: The Sleep Better MinStrips have all-natural ingredients like Holy Basil, Lemon Balm and Passion Flower to ensure that it has zero side effects and provide you with a Vitamin boost your body deserves. If you are worried about forming a habit, you can leave that thought behind because these are non-habit forming. - Travel-friendly: Feel Better MinStrips by MinS are Travel-friendly to allow Better portability, ensuring that you get your Vitamin goodness No matter where you are. Carry it around in your bag or even your pocket, and keep enjoying your everyday nutrition.


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