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60 ml

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Indus Valley
Damage Free Organically Natural Hair Gel Colour Gel - Black
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Indus valley present the most promising new damage free Beard colour. This colour is free from all sorts of chemicals like Ammonia, is a true Nature’s gift for your beard hair. The blend of 9 organic herbs from the lap of nature in Beard Colour makes it a gentle Beard Colour. Unlike Chemical based Beard colour which have Ammonia damages your beard hair, makes them dry, brittle, and further leads to hair fall. Not Only Ammonia, chemical beard colour also have Hydrogen peroxide that bleaches your natural black beard hair too, further results in more greying of beard hair in number. Our new Damage-free pack is extra safe and highly recommended by doctor. IT compliments every normal skin. A great product that offer 100% grey coverage in a single application from root to tip of hair with a refreshing coffee aroma. Cruelty-Free beard colour adds bounce and shine to beard hair with damage-free results. No more damaging your beard hair while colouring.


- Gentle, Effective & Extra safe.

- Multiple Applications pack

- No more Dry and Brittle hair

- Damage Free Results from organic Herbs

- No more Premature Greying of natural Hair.


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