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30 ml

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Enn Beauty
Juicy 17 % Vitamin C Serum
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About ENN Enn's Closet is a natural, cruelty-free and delicious skincare brand that has its DNA in modern aesthetics yet amalgamated with age-old wisdom. At Enn’s, the products are curated using methods that meet the highest standards of clarity, genuineness, and quality. The products are free from SLS, Parabens, Mineral Oils, and Petrochemicals and are not tested on animals. Our 100% vegetarian brand strives to extract the finest from flora’s vast repertoire and recreate renewed seasonal preparations using fresh fruit and plant extracts, and infusions of rare essential oils. The brand is consciously aware of providing value and strives to build a relationship with its customers. All the products are an unadulterated blend made from an understanding of beauty with a modern and fresher twist to produce an extensive experience. The juiCy 17% Vitamin C serum is a gel-based fragrance-free serum. It gently removes the dark spots, and tan, and provides an everlasting glow. The Gooseberry extract present in the serum has anti-ageing properties and removes dead skin cells.


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