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Inwood Organics
99 % Aloe Vera Gel Multipurpose Beauty Gel For Skin & Hair Vitamin E
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Looking for something natural & effective to pamper your skin and hair with Inwood Organics Pure & Organic Aloe Vera Gel for face and hair, the purest and the finest you can get in a bottle. Guaranteed 99 percent pure aloe vera gel with Vitamin E has been hygienically extracted from ripe, robust and succulent aloe vera leaves and packaged with care to retain its natural healing and rejuvenating goodness. Aloe vera has been used for thousands of years for beauty and medicinal benefits across cultures. Aloe vera is loaded with over 75 beneficial nutrients like vitamins, enzymes, minerals and amino acids. When applied topically on the skin, it inhibits microbes and germs, and moisturizes skin.


- Pure & Organic Aloe Vera Gel : To ensure freshness, we source Aloe Vera Gel from FRESHLY CUT Aloe leaves which are proudly grown here in Western India.

- Aloe Vera Gel for Face : Use as a daily Moisturizer for Face, Skin, hair, moisturizing after shave lotion for men and women, loaded with nutrients such as vitamins a, c, e, b12 folic acid and much more. Regular use soothes the skin leaving it soft and supple with a healthy glow.

- Aloe vera Gel for Hair : Use as a hair gel or cleansing conditioner for strong, shiny and dandruff-free hair, great for use as an aftershave, hair gel, or leave in conditioner for shinier, healthier hair. Vitamin E nourishes the scalp and makes hair strong & shiny. When applied regularly, the gel aids in preventing dandruff while giving you a healthy scalp.

- Repair Sunburn : Sunburns are no fun. You can enjoy a quick, cool soothe as you apply, and quickly recover from almost any minor burn like sunburns and cooking mishaps naturally with our organic aloe vera gel.


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