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Raze-x With Lubricant Strip
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The Raze-X Razor from Bombay Shaving Company is designed to provide a smooth and comfortable shaving experience without any nicks, tugs, or blemishes. Its single blade technology shaves at skin level, preventing the uprooting of hair beneath the skin's surface. This approach helps to prevent razor bumps and other skin irritations caused by multi-blade razors.

The razor is made of brass and is weighty to ensure easy manoeuvrability. Its sleek design makes it easy to clean, and the product comes with five complimentary blades. By using a safety razor instead of disposable razors, you can save money in the long run while avoiding the cheap feel and lifetime cost of disposable razors.

To achieve the best shaving results, it is recommended to hold the razor at a 30-degree angle and keep the logo on the head against the skin. Tilt the handle until the blade touches the skin lightly, letting the weight of the razor do the work without applying too much pressure. Keep your glides short, and shave in the direction your hair is growing.

It is important to use a new blade for every shave. Using dull blades can cause irritation and razor bumps, especially if you have coarse hair or a thick beard. In some cases, multiple blade changes may be required for a single shave.

The Black Metal Safety Razor comes with an aggressive clamp for improved efficiency and a razor sheath for added protection. If you want a premium shaving experience and a clean and comfortable shave, the Black Metal Safety Razor from Bombay Shaving Company is an excellent choice.


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