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Acne Control Face Mask
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With the workload already being at its peak and the daily schedule being so hectic, taking care of your skin in this situation should be the least of your concerns now. This SkinQ face mask comes with active ingredients like salicylic acid, which clears up your clogged pores and gives your skin the freedom to breathe, niacinamide helps rejuvenate your skin and acts as a lipid barrier and zinc PCA helps get rid of the unwanted breakouts/ acne or pimples! The green tea and chamomile flower fight off the free radicals that damage your skin and give your skin a soothing effect and a smooth feel.

This face mask for acne-free skin is easy to use, SkinQ Acne Control Wonder Mask can do wonders for your skin! Just 1 step, 15 minutes before you step out with healthy glowing skin. All SkinQ products are dermatologist formulated and best for all Indian skin types. They aim to provide effective, clinically tested products with naturally derived active ingredients that deliver visible results in the comfort of your homes to give you the best skincare.


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