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40 ml

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Wild Stone
Intense Trance No Gas Deo
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Do you want to be irresistible, even in your favorite pair of sneakers? Then you can stop your search now. Wild Stone Intense Trance is all you need to feel contemporary, fresh, and intense all at once. Intense No gas deo delivers an exquisite energetic and vibrant balanced fragrance that ticks all the boxes to make you feel energetic even after your heavy gym sessions It's masculine scent is well suited to casual everyday use, the perfect escort to your everyday hustle. Its woody and aromatic fragrance evoke a raw masculine power that opens up with a top note of bergamot, apple and mint that immediately engage the senses with its heart note; geranium and vanilla that continues with the base of tonka bean, cedarwood and vetiver - warm, spicy and ultra-masculine that lasts longer and irresistible. Mark your presence every day with the Wild Stone Intense Trance fragrance. A signature scent that gets you noticed.

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Long-lasting deodorant spray for all day freshness


-Long-lasting deodorant spray for all day freshness

-Features aromatic fragrance notes giving a refreshing and soothing feel

-This deodorant keeps body odor and sweat under control

-Designed by Master Perfumers in France

-Safe to use on skin


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