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10 ml

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Sage Apothecary
Patchouli Reed Diffuser Oil
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Sage Apothecary Patchouli reed Diffuser happens to be the purest and the best in the class. Just add a few drops to your diffuser, candles, or potpourri and let the magic happen.

Relaxation & calm sleep - if you are somebody suffering from a bad mood or insomnia you should definitely go for this all-natural reed diffuser oil. This aromatherapy will help you relax and sleep tension-free.

Refreshing & Positive Vibes - The natural fragrance of this reed diffuser oil will help enhance your mood and enable your body & mind to be energized and focused.

Eases Anxiety & Tension -creates a wonderfully warm and inviting atmosphere, scenting your environment perfectly for indulgent relaxation and entertaining

100% Natural Ingredients - Sage Apothecary diffuser oils are made from a pure blend of essential oils. No harmful chemicals or parabens were used.

Sage Apothecary Quality - Because we feel you deserve the greatest aromatherapy products for self-care, we are proud of our cruelty-free vegan massage oil made with high-quality natural ingredients. This diffuser oil is perfect for personal use or to be gifted to a loved one.


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