We all want healthy, perfectly manicured nails, whether you paint your nails once a week as a self-care ritual or you constantly pick and bite at your cuticles. Well-maintained nails make you appear more put-together and can even make your hands appear younger.

Healthy nails are one of those less obvious ways to boost your confidence, similar to putting on a nice pair of underwear just for the sake of it or splurging on some great socks to wear with your boots. Taking care of your nails is an excellent investment, whether you do it for self-care, as a luxury, or simply to keep them in good condition. Most of the time, simple lifestyle changes and inexpensive nail products are the most effective way to achieve stronger, longer nails. However, if you want healthy nails, you must refrain from using your nails as a pocket knife.

Signs of healthy nails - 

Nail plates are pinkish-white in colour.

Cuticles are existent

Both the white tips and the nails are the same length.

The lunula is the white half-moon-shaped part at the base of the nail.

Signs of unhealthy nails - 

Dryness or a lack of vitamins may cause peeling or splitting nails.

Small white spots on your nails usually indicate that you bite or paint them too frequently.

Horizontal grooves can be caused by stress, high fevers, or jamming your finger.

Cuticle removal or biting can result in red, swollen skin around the nails.

How to strengthen your nails - 

Cleaning: After washing your hands, remove all the polish from your nails with a remover that does not contain acetone and will not dry out your nails. Using a clean toothbrush, gently scrub your nails and the skin around them to remove dirt and dead skin without using harsh or drying chemicals.

Moisturize: Moisturizing is frequently overlooked when it comes to nail care. Dry, brittle nails can be caused by a variety of factors, but at their core, they are a cry for moisture, so ensuring that your nails receive adequate moisture should be the foundation of your nail care routine. When applying lotion to your hands, pay special attention to your nails. There are many moisturizing nail products available, but applying moisturiser is only half the battle.

Be gentle: People frequently cut, push back, or attempt to remove their cuticles, but they are not the enemy. Even if a nail technician performs the procedure, tampering with your cuticles is more likely to cause harm than good.

Weather matter: In the winter, your hair, skin, and nails all suffer. When it's cold and dry outside, your nails can become brittle. The temperature can change dramatically when you go from outside to inside, potentially causing more damage. When you transition from a warm home or office to cold outside air, your nail cells may contract and expand repeatedly. This can cause the bonds between cells to weaken and break.

Nail products: If your job or workout routine may cause damage to your nails, keep a nail file on hand to smooth out any rough spots as soon as possible. To achieve the smoothest finish, work with the grain of your nail. Similarly take special care when it comes to other nail products like nail paint, nail polish remover, nail brush, nail growth products etc.

Cleaning your nail products after each use is also very important. One should always take special care when it comes to nails and nail products. You can buy nail products online in endless varieties. On various websites you can shop nail products at great discounts. Although, it’s important for you to first understand the type of your nails so that you can give the best to them and buy nail products which will perfectly suit your nails.

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FAQs - 

My nails are too weak, what should I do?

Ans - You should take care of your nails like you do for your hair. Don’t bite, don’t push the cuticles, don’t peel off your nail polish etc.

Which nail products should I purchase?

Ans - You should have a filler, nail polish, nail polish remover, Cotton sponge, nail growth oil and so many other things to keep your nails looking young and healthy.

Why are my nails bumpy?

Ans - There are numerous causes for this, including medications, diet, and nail damage. It's unfortunate, but it does happen as you get older.


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