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There is barely anyone who does not have a sweet tooth. While having a sweet tooth is not a bad thing, for someone who has diabetes, the consequences of having a sweet tooth can prove detrimental. 

Sweets are tempting and it is a herculean task to refrain from the. The sweetness in sweets is attributed to the saccharides present in them. Sugars are types of carbohydrates. They occur naturally in nature. 

The most popular examples of sugars are brown sugar, cane sugar, fructose, sucrose, and so on. Along with naturally occurring sugars, artificial sweeteners are widely available in the market. Let us see what artificial sweeteners are. 

What exactly are artificial sweeteners? 

Artificial sweeteners are basically reduced-calorie sweeteners. They do not increase the blood sugar level and are low-calorie, as compared to other sugars. Due to this, artificial sweeteners are an ideal choice for people suffering from diabetes. They are generally used as a substitute for sugars. 

You must be wondering if artificial sweeteners are as effective as natural sweeteners when added to sweets. Let us tell you, these sweeteners have a higher sweetness density per gram as compared to sweeteners that contain calories. They are found in a lot of foods like yogurt, candies, frozen desserts, cereals, and so on. 

A small amount of artificial sweetener can give you the desired results. People who are on a low-calorie diet can make good use of artificial sweeteners. People who have diabetes or pre-diabetes can also use these low-calorie sweeteners to keep their blood sugar level in control.

 It is interesting to know that these sweeteners are made in laboratories and are tested rigorously before they are given the approval to be used by the people. In today’s world, people are becoming increasingly aware of their health and are rapidly substituting high-calorie sugar with low-calorie sweeteners. They still enjoy their sweets but in a healthier way, with a healthier approach. 

Types of Artificial Sweeteners

We have compiled a list of artificial low-calorie sweeteners for your benefit. The price of sweeteners may vary based on their quality and availability. Be sure to read on till the end. 

Aspartame: It is said that this sweetener is two hundred times as sweet as natural sugar and it can be used in making those over-the-top sweets and desserts, and as a tabletop sweetener. Aspartame does not diffuse and odor.

 It is in a crystalline powdered form and is derived from the amino acids, phenylalanine, and aspartic acid. Preven using it when cooking or baking as it is not heating stable. 

Acesulfame-Potassium: This sweetener, unlike Aspartame is heat stable. It can be used when baking or cooking. 

Neotame: The sweetening index of Neotame is higher than that of natural sugar. It is almost seven thousand to thirteen thousand times as sweet as natural sugar. This sweetener is heat stable and is excellent for cooking purposes. It is rapidly digested and ejected from the body. 

Saccharin: Saccharin is the most preferred sweetener. It is approximately 300-500 times as sweet as natural sugar. It is popularly used in the sweetening of dietary products, beverages, and toothpaste.

 Interestingly, it is also the first artificial sweetener to be discovered. It is one of the best artificial sweeteners. It should be noted that the excess consumption of saccharin may also result in bladder cancer. 

Sucralose: It is about 6000 times as sweet as sugar. Sucralose is also of the most popular and best artificial sweeteners. It is used in baked products, beverages, frozen sweets, and so on.

What are the benefits of Artificial Sweeteners? 

Artificial sweeteners have various health benefits. The price of sweeteners is reasonable and is less than the price of sweets online. These days, buying sweets online has become a new trend. Many people buy sweets online after seeing their contents, sweeteners used, and so on. 

Some portals even allow their customers to have a trial of the commodities they wish to buy. Getting to try commodities was seem far-fetched but is a great way to determine the quality and the finesse of the products. Let us now go through the benefits of artificial sweeteners. 

Diabetes: The lives of people with diabetes is no more devoid of sweets. With artificial sweeteners, people having diabetes can also enjoy a variety of sweets. Just add a little amount of the sweetener to unsweetened food and enjoy those lip-smacking desserts. Artificial sweeteners maintain the blood sugar level.

Obesity: People who are obese and have a sweet tooth no longer have to refrain from having their favorite sweets. With artificial low-calorie sweeteners, they can eat without having to worry about those extra pounds. 

Dental carries: Sweets are primarily responsible for dental carries and ailments of the teeth. They have the tendency to stick up to the enamel of the teeth. This results in the formation of a certain layer over the enamel, providing an ideal environment for the bacteria to breed. Bacteria feed upon this layer and cause tooth decay. Artificial sweeteners, on the other hand, prevent these maladies and keep your teeth healthy. 

Try Artificial Sweeteners with Smytten

Smytten offers you a free trial for all the sweeteners you want to try, before buying them. If you ever want to try something new but are not sure if it will be a good decision, Smytten is your solution. Avail yourself of free trials for your favorite products.

Reasons to Try sweeteners before you buy them

Most people do not know the kind of taste they have or the extent of sweetness they want from a sweetener. This cannot be determined without trying the product. You want to know if a product will work with your daily routine. Do not think too much about it because Smytten allows you to just give try it for free. This way you can see what works best for you.


• What is better, natural sugars or artificial sweeteners? 

Natural sugars, being high-calorie can be detrimental to health on many levels. Whereas, artificial sweeteners are low-calorie and do not increase blood sugar levels. 

• Which was the first artificial sweetener?

Saccharin was the first artificial sweetener. It is a great substitute for sugar and is popularly used in food products. 

• Can a patient with diabetes opt for an artificial sweetener? 

Yes, it is advisable for diabetic people to use artificial sweeteners as they are low-calorie and keep the blood sugar level maintained, which is essential for diabetic patients.


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