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Being healthy is more important than ever to manage the unique challenges of contemporary life. Aside from eating healthy, working out, and reducing stress, dietary supplements can help boost your energy levels and enhance immunity. A big chunk of nutritional supplements comes under Vitamins and Herbs. While vitamins and herbs are in no way medical remedies or can claim to transform your health, they can be a valuable addition to your wellness and beauty regime.


Our bodies need vitamins to grow and function properly. Vitamins like Vitamin D are essential for bone and muscle health, while Vitamin C boosts immunity. B-vitamins like biotin are vital for healthy hair. Although Vitamins are naturally present in the food we eat, the lack of a balanced diet and other environmental factors can hinder us from getting the vitamins we need.


Herbs are plant-derived natural dietary supplements that support wellness. Whether we know it or not, we have always used natural supplements to enhance our health. That’s why we drink ginger in our chai and add turmeric to milk! Herbal supplements contain concentrated versions of beneficial compounds derived from plants. The benefits can range from building immunity to calming your nerves to balancing hormones. Additionally, many herbal supplements are derived from Ayurvedic and other traditional medicinal systems in India.

Why do I need them?

You could always eat carrots for Vitamin A or add tulsi to your tea. Why then take Vitamins and Herbs in pills, shots, and sachets? That’s the question that naturally comes up on the subject of dietary supplements. But the reason additional vitamins and herbs may enhance your health is because most of us don’t consume a balanced diet in real life. What’s more, contemporary food preservation and preparation methods can reduce the nutritional value of foods. On top of that, genetic and environmental factors predispose some of us to dietary deficits. Unless prescribed by your doctor, a vitamin pill is not a cure for any of this, but it can support your health.

How do I consume Vitamins and Herbs?

It’s a great idea to consult with your doctor before adding a dietary supplement to your wellness regime. Next, look for trustworthy brands with health certification. Most vitamins and herbs come with how-to-use instructions, so follow those closely. However, as a rule of thumb, Vitamins, in particular, are best consumed in the mornings after a meal. If you don’t like pills, Vitamins and herbs can be consumed as powders you can add to your favourite smoothie, a sachet you stir in water for a tasty drink or even a herbal infusion or tea you can sip at leisure. New-age Vitamins and Herbs come in all kinds of exciting formats, including delicious gummies you can chew!

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Reasons Why You Should Try Vitamins and Herbs Before You Buy it


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