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It’s time to uplift the spirit and soothe your skin with an exotic aroma. Nothing else, but it is always the perfume that they end up remembering. With the end number of perfumes available in the market, it might get a little challenging to choose the one that will make you the centre of attraction. Well, don’t worry! We have got your back. Let’s bring a sense of rejuvenation by choosing a perfume that might go with your personality. Get set ready to woo people around you! How to find a perfect perfume? We all love it when someone compliments us by saying, “You smell amazing.” Let’s help you fetch more of these compliments. We have explained some perfumes for women here to help you choose the right one. Perfumes for women are characterised by three types- Floral perfumes, Exotic perfumes, and Citrus perfumes. Every scent solves a different purpose. Here’s a piece of detailed information about each: Floral Perfumes Floral perfumes encompass all the elements that define the essence of a fresh, energetic, and fun spirit. Rose, Jasmine, Lilly, Cedarwood, and vanilla are major categories under floral perfume. It’s a modern-day fragrance featuring the perfect balance between freshness and floral aroma. Be it your first day at the office or a function that you have to attend after a tedious day- this will solve your problem! Citrus perfumes The heart of this perfume includes the freshness, fizzes, and bursts of sparkling juicy citrus fragrance. If you’re looking for something that has a strong scent that interplays and intertwines with the clean facets of juicy fruits, then you know your choice. If you want to impress your woman with a memorable gift, then you have found the perfect valentine perfume for her. Exotic perfumes Are you looking out to spice up things? This one's for you. These sophisticated perfumes will help emanate a feel-good factor and appeal to elegant women out there. It gives a refreshing opening that is heavy and plush. If you’re looking out for solid scent perfumes, then your search stops right here. Quick guidance to perfume notes- Before you head out to buy the best perfumes for women, having a piece of excellent knowledge about notes will take your choice in the right direction. They are divided into three bits- Top, Middle, and Base. The top note helps you build your first impression. It’s the fragrance you get as soon as you spray. The middle note is known as the heart of the perfume. You get a little unique scent after 2-3 minutes of spraying. Base note decides whether you should buy that perfume or shouldn’t. This note gives you a very mild and pleasant scent that lasts. Try Perfumes With Smytten We can bet on it when we say - no one can buy the best perfumes for women in one go. Identifying your scent takes a lot of time. That’s why it’s preferable to avail some trial perfumes to get a sense of what you like and don’t like—no other platform but Smytten shares that privilege with you. You can try out unique perfumes blended with distinct scents. It’s time to break the deal and avail the best perfumes for yourself. Reasons Why You Should Try Perfumes Before You Buy It Trying the perfumes before you end up buying them will change your game. Here’s why- • You don’t know what will suit your personality. Trying before buying can help you with it. • You will identify whether it will suit your skin or doesn’t. • You don’t need to hurry and take as much time as you want to understand your taste. FAQs • Is there any expiry for perfumes? Yes, all perfumes come with an expiry date. Usually, it is around two years. Fragrances are made with chemicals and food ingredients with an expiry date. You can try to make it last longer by keeping them away from sunlight or prefer keeping them in an icy place. • Is it safe to rub the perfume on the skin? Ideally, there is no harm in doing so, but we suggest you refrain from doing it. Rubbing the perfume on your skin can lead to faster evaporation. It can also lead to the mixing of varied scents. E.g., the smell of your lotion and your perfume can get mixed. It’s recommended to spray the fragrance from a distance and let it stay. Kindly note that if any itchiness follows the spray, you should remove it as soon as possible. • Where should I spray my perfume? It’s time to hit the right point with your perfume. You should apply it on the sides of the neck, near the chest, and on the insides of the wrist. These are the perfect places to help your perfume last longer on your body.

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