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Imagine yourself sipping sangria on a date night when everything is going just like you dreamt it to be. You look good, feel confident, wear your best attire, and are ready to seize the day, but then a blow of wind makes you realise that you're wearing the wrong fragrance. Suddenly, you are nervous about getting intimate and being close to your partner, and that's where my ladies, you have yourself a date gone wrong. All because you chose a fragrance you had no idea about. Now you don't want that to happen to you, do you? It cannot be emphasised enough that your fragrance can make or break your mood. A good scent gives you the power to rule the world while a poor one robs you of it. So when given an option, it is always best to try free fragrance trials before making them your signature smell. So if you are still wondering if body mists are made for you, this is just the right article for you. Over the past few years, the market for body mists has grown tremendously for all the right reasons. Body mists for ladies are lighter, softer and less concentrated than perfume. Mists are perfect for humid summers; they keep you refreshed from going overboard. A body mist for women costs a lot less than a perfume bottle. You can use them to refresh your wardrobe and make your outfits smell amazing. Try Mists with Smytten Getting the right fragrance is complex and costs a lot in your pocket. But we have a solution. Start with free trials! Smytten offers you the opportunity to try Fragrances for free. If you've ever wanted to try something new but weren't sure if it was the right choice, we've got you covered. Make your pick of free trials from your favourite brands and find your signature smell. When choosing your scent, you can also read the description and notes. Whether woody, sensual, floral or coral, there's one suitable mist for every woman. So what are you waiting for? Explore the best fragrances today! Reasons Why You Should Try Body Mists Before You Buy Them Are you still searching for your signature scent and are interested in experimenting with various kinds of fragrances? • Trying helps you find just the suitable body mist for you. • You can save on a lot since you won’t spend fortunes buying extensive packaging. • You can have so many fragrances in your stash. So, if you’ve stuck to perfumes so far and never explored a fantastic world of body mists for women, then this is your chance to discover the fragrance you will forever love. Here's where you start. FAQs • What's the difference between a body mist and a perfume? Let's start from the basics. Body Mists vs Perfume, what is the difference? Listen up because we're about to teach you something you didn't know about! Simply put, body mists for women are lighter versions of women's perfume, which makes them perfect when you want to tone down the intensity. Hard fragrances are no longer in style; women now look for more refreshing and lighter tones that leave a subtle scent throughout the day. • How do I choose between perfumes and body mists? Since both perfume and body mists are there to make your smell better, it can be a difficult choice. But always remember when you are heading out for a casual outing, choose mists. They are refreshing and soft. Perfumes are special occasions where you want a more spicy scent and a long-lasting stay. • What's a correct way to apply body mists? Wearing body mists the right way can enhance its scent. Here is all you need to do: Use a fine fragrance mist liberally on the entire body right after your shower, or try scent layering. Mists for ladies typically last between 4-6 hours, which means you need to reapply whenever you want a subtle spritz of fragrance. Be patient and let the mist dry without rubbing it in. You don't want to break fragrance molecules and mute them. Spray body mists on your hair to make them smell fresh all day long. • What is scent layering? Scent layering is a well-kept secret of those classy ladies who always smell amazing. You need to create a family of similar fragrances. For instance, if you like the citrus smell, shower with a citrusy body wash, then pamper your skin with the body butter with similar notes and top it up with the citrusy body mist. Together these fragrances will help you smell beautiful for longer hours. • Can I use body mists before my bedtime? Absolutely! There is nothing better than a refreshing shower after a long hectic day. When coupled with relaxing body mists, your nighttime routine will become even more relaxing. Body mists with soft fragrances help you de-stress and unwind. Going to sleep feeling fresh and happy will undoubtedly lead to a better morning.

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