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Seeds People are growing more conscious about engaging in activities such as gardening. These days, the unavailability of space does not stop people from planting trees. People combat the unavailability of space by growing indoor plants in their homes. They also plant saplings in their balconies for that burst of freshness and an oxygen-rich environment. However, there is a massive dilemma for all the gardening lovers out there as to when to plant seeds or buy plants. This blog will give you a clear idea of both aspects, planting seeds and buying plants. Read till the very end. With spring around the corner, you must get rid of this dilemma as soon as possible. We will consider parameters and see which parameters favour planting seeds and which parameters favour buying plats. Likewise, we will eliminate the option with cons, more than pros. Cost When it comes to comparing the costs of seeds and plants, seeds win. When buying seeds, you can buy a packet of seeds for very little money. On the other hand, purchasing potted plants is not a feasible idea at all. If you want to make a garden on your balcony, you will need various plants. It would not be pragmatic to invest in different kinds of plants. You will end up spending a lot of money. So, we suggest you buy other seeds spanning from vegetable seeds to herb seeds for your garden. This way, you can have a functional garden that offers you a fresh harvest. Hence, it is better to buy seeds for planting when comparing the costs. The variety Local nurseries may not have a wide variety of plants. This is because certain plants grow only in certain areas and seasons. On the other hand, you can get a variety of seeds. If your local nursery does not have seeds for rare, exotic plants, you can always consider buying seeds online. Even if the plants of the species you wish to buy are not available, seeds will save the day with a caveat. The ease of planting It is not rocket science to determine that it is easier to plant seeds than planting saplings. Saplings are comparatively high maintenance. When you plant seeds, you do not have to do anything other than water them occasionally. The harvest Plants may fail to produce the desired harvest as they may be treated with chemicals before you bring them home. Potted plants look very appealing when you buy them from the nursery, but you never know what chemical processes they have undergone. Also, when you plant seeds, you know exactly what you are doing and care for it right from the beginning. Hence, the plants you have bought may fail to produce the desired yield. On the other hand, the seeds will give you desired springs and yield. The quality of the yield This is a crucial factor to consider. The plants found in nurseries are usually treated with fertilizers, pesticides, and whatnot to boost their growth and make them look healthy. But this is far from reality. Excessive use of chemicals is detrimental to the plants and affects the overall quality of the yield. Hence, the yield quality that you obtain from such plants may not be satisfactory. The seeds you have planted will give you a better yield quality, provided that you have taken good care of them. Why buy seeds online? You can consider buying seeds online for several reasons. The first is the variety of seeds you will get online. It does not matter whether you want vegetable seeds, herb seeds, flower seeds, and so on; you will find every category online. The prices are lower online due to the competition between the sellers. Also, you will be able to judge the quality of the seeds best on the customer rating and reviews. Try Seeds With Smytten Ever thought of trying seeds before buying them? Many nurseries do not allow customers first to take a trial of the seeds they wish to purchase. Trying seeds seems like a far-fetched dream. But with Smytten, it is possible. You can try seeds before you buy them. Reasons Why You Should Try Seeds Before You Buy Them It would help if you always tried seeds before buying because it lets you see the extent of growth and yield quality. Smytten allows you to try them to make intelligent decisions for yourself. Trying the commodity beforehand leaves no room for errors and losses. FAQs Is it better to buy plants or seeds for gardening purposes? It is always better to buy seeds for several reasons, such as the cost, quality of the yield, the harvest, etc. Why should I buy seeds online? The first is the variety of seeds you will get online. It does not matter whether you want vegetable seeds, herb seeds, flower seeds, and so on; you will find every category online. Also, the prices are lower as compared to the prices in nurseries. Does Smytten offer a trial for seeds? Yes, Smytten offers a trial for every commodity sold by it.

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