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About 100,000 years ago, men started a rudimentary shaving ritual during the Stone Age. While they used clamshells as tweezers and a slightly painful approach, today, shaving has evolved to meet the hygiene and grooming needs of the modern man. It is now sophisticated enough to use Pre & Post Shaves products as part of the 3-step routine, which includes preparing your facial skin and hair for the razor, the shave itself and post-shave care for your skin. Here are the things that you need for the 3-step shaving routine, which includes Pre & Post Shaves skin & hair care: • Pre-shave cream or Pre-shave lotion- A pre-shave cream or a pre-shave lotion forms the first stage of the pre and post-shaves routine with suitable hydration for your skin and helps protect it during the shaving phase. Hair follicles on the face are gentle and need to be taken care of properly to ensure your skin remains protected and softens the beard. This helps in getting that extra smooth shave without wrecking your skin. Therefore, make sure, to begin with, a pre-shave cream or a pre-shave lotion. • Shaving- After prepping your skin, you can now go to the shaving phase and complete the shaving process with a shaving gel and face brush, lather effectively and complete the shave. • Aftershave- Shaving leaves your skin exposed and feeling itchy, almost like a prickly cactus feeling. This happens because of the dehydration of your skin due to the razor action on the skin. And this is where aftershave for men products come in handy. Along with rehydrating the skin, they also remove toxins and germs from your skin. Moreover, aftershave for men's products is suitably fragrant, leaving you feeling fresh with a pleasant aroma. Try Pre & Post Shave Care Products with Smytten On Smytten, you can get free product trials for all your shaving needs. With an eclectic selection of products to choose from for each shaving stage, you can prepare yourself for a unique facial care experience. So, go with the free trials offered by your favourite brands & make your choice today! Reasons Why You Should Try Pre & Post shave Products Before You Buy them • You are ready to take your shaving ritual to the next level • You are eager to find your right match for pre and post shaves care • Your facial skin is looking forward to feeling pampered and happy • You want to try a bunch of different products for each step of shaving • You want to experiment with a variety of shaving experiences FAQs 1. What's the difference between a pre-shave lotion & an aftershave? Before shaving, pre-shave lotions are used as the first step to making your skin ready for shaving. On the other hand, aftershave helps rehydrate skin and kill germs once you are done shaving. 2. What kind of options are available in aftershave men's care products? Aftershave men's care products come in 3 categories, splashes, balms or lotions. Lotions and balms are pretty helpful for dry skin types, while splash type helps tackle oily skin challenges such as blackheads. 3. What benefits are going for pre-shave and aftershave men's care products? Pre-shave products help protect and hydrate the skin before a shave. In addition, aftershave men's care products help kill germs and even deal with acne when matched rightly to the skin type.

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