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We talk about healthy, gorgeous, luscious, shiny, sleek, nourished hair, and what we mean is hair well-taken care of. And when it comes to taking care of hair, there are no shortcuts; it's a long-haul commitment.

So let's get personal about hair. How do you describe your relationship with your hair? Tedious? Tortured? Fallen out of affection? Committed? A burning passion? A romance? It could be all the above things and many more.

The real question remains - how to get healthy lustrous hair? And to create a healthy balance in what at times is a challenging relationship with our hair.

Hair Care Tips

Haircare is a commitment of the long haul, and there are no shortcuts. There's no getting out of this relationship. So why not embrace it? Start by understanding what your hair needs. Believe in 4 simple rules—the basics for taking care of hair. 

- Cleanse your hair routinely.

- Keep your scalp clean. Hair attracts dirt from our surroundings, leaving it dull. Regular cleansing removes the dirt and makes hair shinier.

- Moisturise your hair. Use conditioner every time you cleanse your hair keeps your hair well moisturised. Haircare conditioner adds moisture to the hair and seals the cuticle. Pro-Vitamin B5 is a vital hair ingredient; it gets moisture right to the hair's core. It's the primary ingredient in our hair care products. For dry hair, the use of a moisturising hair conditioner can help make hair look more nourished and luscious.

- Mask your hair. Hair masks help in deep conditioning and provide your hair with intense deep conditioning treatment. Hair masks are different from conditioners as they are more concentrated and applied for a longer time to provide intense conditioning to the hair. If you are suffering from dry hair or dry scalp, applying a hair pack once a week can rejuvenate dry hair and dry scalp. For dry hair, using a moisturised hair pack can help make hair look more nourished and sleek.

Styling Your Hair

Always good to choose lightweight hair styling products. Styling products can reverse all the great work of your cleansing and conditioning routine. While purchasing hair styling products, emphasis should be on complimenting your routine. Use hair styling products that deliver moisture to the hair. They give the hair a natural body and movement. Follow our simple hair care tips that you can keep up with for your hair to look and feel healthier and shinier.

Scalp Treatment

Scalp treatments are one of the most underestimated services. If you want healthy hair, it makes sense that you nourish the foundation at the scalp. Unfortunately, many people who live with a poor scalp suffer from dandruff; there are ample ways to treat and prevent poor scalp. There are ample benefits to getting a scalp treatment:

1. Relaxation

A good scalp massage with the oil helps in immediate and extreme relaxation! In addition, a scalp massage can revitalise the scalp and help nourish the follicles, making hair stronger. 

2. Unclogs Hair Follicles.

Hair follicles can get clogged with various substances, the most common is sebum, a natural oil secreted from the sebaceous gland in the hair follicle. The oil, combined with dirt and chemical residue from hair products, leads to clogging of pores. Scalp treatments are a fantastic way to clear hair follicles out and help reset the sebum levels. A healthy follicle means healthy hair!

3. Help Stimulates Blood Flow

The exfoliation and massage oils help stimulate blood flow to your scalp, making it easier for blood to reach your follicles and deliver essential nutrients. The hair that grows out of clean follicles will be healthy and supple! Again, a healthy follicle means healthy hair.

4. Get Rid Of Dandruff

No one likes an embarrassing dandruff problem! Dandruff can be due to either too much oil production or too little. If your scalp produces excess oil, it irritates the scalp and leads to flakiness. If it doesn't produce enough, then dryness will result, causing irritation and flakiness. A scalp treatment involves some exfoliation to remove all that dead skin, leaving a layer of fresh, healthy skin behind.

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Reasons Why You Should Try Conditioner, Masks & Packs Before You Buy it

- You have no idea what type of Gourmet Food you want to have. 

- You want to know if a product will work with your Taste Buds.

- You want to try out similar things at the same time. 

- You're eager to find the best Taste match. 

- You'd like to make a change but aren't sure where to begin. 


How Long Should one Leave Conditioner On?

If you're using a rinse-off conditioner, it's advisable to be left on for 2-3 minutes while in the shower. Read the instructions given on your conditioner bottle for a better idea, as some conditioners may take longer to get absorbed into your hair shafts.

How Long to Keep Hair Masks?

Keeping your hair mask for 15 to 20 minutes should be enough to let the nourishment reach the follicles.

The Best Shampoo For Hair Fall?

 Before choosing a shampoo, you must know and do the research before picking your shampoo. Not all or every shampoo helps you with your hair fall. A lot depends on hair type, hair concerns, ingredients, and pH level of shampoo should be considered while you decide on a shampoo that can be effective against your hair fall.


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