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Nutriburst was formed out of a desire to produce vitamins that are the perfect supplementation to the human body alongside being manufactured responsibly in an Earth-positive way so that we’re able to continually reduce our impact on our environment and on the various ecosystems that impact our production cycle. In conjunction with our partner Labs and fellow innovators we have been able to manufacture what we consider the healthiest vitamins using clean resources with active ingredients in their most bioavailable forms,that are sweetened from plants and are in fact zero sugar and have only natural fruit flavours and natural food colours. We wanted to address our body's requirements not just for vitamins but also for minerals so we have added trace minerals to our formulations. These have been mined from Utah's Great Salt Lake using the most innovative processes that make these minerals special and rare,and more challenging to access today. We are committed to perfecting our practices to use the Earths resources responsibly, without polluting the environment, eliminate wastage and supplement our resource consumption by giving back to our various ecosystems so that in effect, we are giving more than what we take. We are continually working on our processes to achieve a net increase in soil depletion, zero net water wastage, net reduction in emissions, and a net zero carbon footprint.

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