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Try LetsShave Free* Sample Products

At LetsShave, we know how important it is for you to have the right razor to achieve the perfect shave. That's why we are now offering free* samples of our products in order to let you try our range of razors before you purchase. 

About LetsShave 

LetsShave is a cutting-edge Indian-based razor brand, that has revolutionised the way men look after their facial shave. Our brand focuses on design and innovation to provide you with superior shaving product tools and technologies that ensure your skin is taken care of – leaving it smooth and soft after each shave. 

Try Before You Buy: Explore LetsShave Trial Products Online 

At Smytten, you can get your hands on free* trial products of the LetsShave range. Whether you are looking for a traditional cartridge razor or a modern safety razor – explore our range of superior quality shaving products online that are sure to give you your perfect shave every-time. 

Discover the Range of LetsShave Products Available in the Market

At LetsShave, we take pride in having a comprehensive range of superior quality shaving products available in the market. From traditional cartridge razors, safety razors, and even razor stands and kits – explore our innovative collection of products and get access to the perfect shave every day.  

Reasons Why You Should Try LetsShave Before You Buy it 

At Smytten, you can now try the LetsShave range of products to find the one that’s just perfect for you. With the free* sample products now available, you no longer have to guess – you can now get your hands on a superior quality product and try it out before you buy it. 


How to Get LetsShave Free Samples For Trial? 

Visit Smytten and explore the range of LetsShave products available. Select the products you’d like to trial and get free samples delivered right to your door.

Is LetsShave Giving Free Products? 

Yes, with Smytten, you can now get free samples of the LetsShave products you want to trial. Depending on the product you choose, you may receive a sample or a discounted product. 

Is it safe to use LetsShave products? 

Of course! At LetsShave, we take pride in using the latest technologies and most advanced designs to give you the perfect shave every time. Our products have been designed using the highest quality materials, and are available in a range of designs to suit personal preferences. 

What is special about LetsShave? 

LetsShave is renowned for its superior quality products that are designed with your skin in mind, while ensuring a hassle-free shave. With our range of innovative products, you can get your hands on the perfect shave every day – no matter what your skin type is. And now, with Smytten, you can get free samples of the LetsShave products you want to trial, making your search for the perfect razor easy and hassle-free. 


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