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Each item at Callesta is handcrafted and packed by women in India. They want to work to increase the use of Swadeshi in order to strengthen India. Callesta is a Greek name that is also spelled Callista. It translates as "The Most Beautiful." Callesta is an Indian brand that wants to help Indian women improve their skills by providing them with business opportunities. They accomplish this by handcrafting beauty products for both the Indian and Western markets. Callesta’s goal is to encourage more people to use Swadeshi products, even if the brand name is Greek. All products from Callesta are prepared from natural ingredients. Their chemical free products are totally safe for the skin, plus it adds to your beauty. Callesta Products are inclusive of body products, skin care and lip care.


The advantages of using natural products in your daily self-care routine


  • For Lips

Lip products come in a variety of flavours and types, but not all of them contain the same active ingredients. Several popular lip care formulas contain artificial colouring and synthetic ingredients that could harm your lips in the long run. Before you buy a lip care product, read the ingredients list carefully. A natural lip care product offers a slew of advantages that will make your lips smile. Because Callesta lip care products are manufactured with natural butter, carrier oils, and flower, plant, and essential oil extracts, they are completely safe. Petroleum jelly and mineral oil, which are terrible for your lips and can cause them to grow black and dry, are not found in natural lip care products. Callesta products are good for your lips since they contain antioxidants and vitamins that keep them soft and supple. Be it lip balms or lip scrub every product will make your lips better and better.

  • For Skin

Organic products are superior to conventional products in every way. They improve your skin's appearance, are safe to use, and are also environmentally friendly. Callesta uses nutrient-dense natural components in their products. These substances are also good for your skin because they are good for your general health. Callesta products are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that are helpful to your skin and improve its function. They are manufactured with aloevera gel, rose petals powder and other natural components. When synthetic cosmetics are compared to ecologically friendly cosmetics, it is clear that conserving the environment does not have to be costly.

  • For Body

You will notice a favourable difference in your appearance when you use Callesta Products on your body. Your skin may become clearer and brighter, and your hair may grow longer and stronger. You may also notice that your nails are growing properly. Natural things can improve not only our general health, but also our physical well-being. You may feel better if you believe you look better, which is good for your health. You're more prone to get side effects if you utilise items with unknown components or odd compounds. The majority of non-natural products will come with a list of possible negative effects. When it comes down to it, the healthiest foods are those that come from nature. They can make you look and feel better on the exterior while also supporting your body in combating illnesses and disorders on the inside.

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Reasons Why You Should Try Callesta Products Before You Buy it

Try it before you buy it

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You are still looking for your signature products

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FAQ - 

Do beetroot lip balm from Callesta makes our lips pink?

Ans - Yes, it has all the natural ingredients which will help your lips turn back to natural pink colour if they got tanned due to any reason.

Is it safe to use bath salts?

Ans - Yes, using bath salts is a trend now. And products from Callesta are made with natural ingredients so totally safe for you.

Can I use aloe vera gel as a moisturiser?

Ans - Yes, using Callesta aloe gel daily twice a day can not only moisturise your skin but also it will make your skin free from dark spots, dryness and several other skin related issues.


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