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30 ml

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Superior Eye Serum



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Best eclat eye cream in the market that provides anti-aging benefits and helps our skin look fresh and healthy all day long.

- Works within your worn-out skin cells and brings about a new and refreshing glow.
- It helps in doing away with your dark circles and reduces puffiness beneath the eyes. Works incredibly over wrinkles, crow’s feet, and fine lines around the eyes, thus increasing your skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of aging.
- It manages with fine lines and dark circles to give a smooth and fresh appearance under the eyes.
- What other eye serum benefits one can wish for! Eye serum benefits include preparing the skin for makeup and giving you smooth skin under your eyes.
- If you try our exclusive serum range, don’t forget to share your experience at Eclat eye serum review section.

Its unique formula contains caffeine that is known for its antioxidant properties on the skin. It helps to flush out oxidizing chemicals and substances to give a U-turn effect to aging. The Eclat eye serum ingredients contain Vitamin A that is primarily instrumental in inculcating good eye health. We always heard from our elders that carrots are good for our eyes. The eclat eye cream contains castor oil, Vitamin C, Green tea extract, Carrot seed extract, and soybean extract – all provide the utmost organic ingredients that work wonders for having lovely and lively eyes. The eclat eye cream contains castor oil that has been known to be healthy for the eyes for ages.

How to use:
Use as per the need

Shelf Life: 36 Months

Country Of Origin: India



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