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Beet Root Facial Mist Spray For Dull And Dry Skin



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  • NEUD Premium Facial Mist Spray is an instant easy fix for a tired, dull and dehydrated face. Whether you are looking for a mist spray for instant glow or for quick hydration, NEUD has a facial mist spray for your every mood.
  • Natural blush and rosy cheeks, that’s what beetroot is related to as it promotes youthful, hydrated, and glowing skin. it works as a natural moisturizer that increases the concentration of NMFs (natural moisturizing factors) in the upper layer of the skin giving skin both instant and longer hydration. This face mist also contains orange peel extract.
  • Facial skin is the most exposed part of our body in direct contact with the external environment. Drinking water throughout the day quenches thirst, but what about skin dehydration? There is nothing better than the quick facial mist spray that refreshes tired skin in a jiffy, any time, any day. In today’s busy and polluted lifestyles, facial skin needs more than just moisturizing in morning and at night. It needs to stay fresh throughout the day.
  • Use facial mist spray during the day when you feel a need to revive your damaged and tired skin. Use it at night right after cleansing as you prepare for other skin treatments. You can also use facial mist spray as the first step in your morning skincare routine.
  • Features:

    • NEUD Premium Facial Mist Spray is an instant easy fix for a tired, dull and dehydrated face
    • Formulated with beet root and orange peel extracts
    • Helps restore glow and radiance on skin, increases concentration of natural moisturizing factors (NMFs) for instant and longer-lasting hydration
    • Refreshes tired and stressed skin in a jiffy, any time, any day
    • Use as first step of morning skincare routine, during the day to revive damaged skin, and at night as skin care preparation

    How to Use:

    Close your eyes and spray on face from a few inches away to hydrate and refresh your skin anytime, anywhere! Use as makeup remover by rubbing cotton swab sprayed with mist.


    Beetroot Extract, Orange Peel Extract, Allantoin, Zinc PCA, Oxynex ST Liquid, Sodium Gluconate, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Tween 20, Organic Glycerin, Fragrance, Aqua

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