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The Honey Shop

Honey Ginger Tea


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Did you know that tea was actually originated as a medicinal drink? Tea has been a part of medical scriptures since 3rd Century AD and that is enough to prove just how out-of-sync we 21st century people are from Mother Nature. The tea available today is highly processed, dried aggressively that kills its natural potency. The sugars added during tea preparation further add to the unhealthy quotient. But not anymore. We bring to you the best quality of tea blended with the natural goodness of honey. People do add honey to sweeten their teas but often that honey is not up to the mark. It is adulterated and full of harsh chemicals. Our Honey Ginger Tea is formulated using the best of our honey harvest and blended with organically grown, carefully extracted tea. What you get as a result is a powerful blend that is rich in health and taste. Ginger extracts further add to the flavour and health benefits.

- This blend of tea, honey and ginger make it a powerful tonic for weight loss.
- It also relieves the symptoms of cold and flu due to ginger and honey. 
- The blend is also great in improving digesting.
- Tea and honey both are rich in anti-oxidants and therefore protective in function.

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Ingredients: Honey, Ginger & Ginger Extracts, Liquid Glucose, Thickening agent (E440), Acidity Regulator (E330), Tea Leaved Extract and Preservative (E211)

How to use:
Simply mix 2 tablespoons in one cup of warm water or cold water and enjoy your tea like never before. Increase or decrease the amount as per your taste. Ensure to stir well.

Storage Condition: At room temperature with lid tightly fastened.

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