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400 ml

Zerodor Care
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Zerodor Care

Drain Care Kitchen


Drain CARE Kitchen is biological formulation having a blend of non-pathogenic micro-organisms and free enzymes achieves highly effective grease removal, accompanied by reduction of objectionable odour control in drain lines & grease traps on continuous basis without harming the present system and environment.

- Inhibits production of odor-causing gases.
- Restores free flow conditions and ends problem of slow running drain.
- Digests grease and scum from drain lines and grease traps.
- Will not damage or corrode pipes and traps.

Made From:
Non pathogenic organisms — NOT CLASSIFIED AS HAZARDOUS HAZARDOUS COMPONENTS % W/W R PHRASES Cas No Proprietary Blend of Microorganisms Tetra sodium EDTA - R41 64-02-8 Ethoxylated alcohol - - 78330-21-9 DI (Propylene glycol) Butyl Ether - - 35884-42-5 3

How to Use:
Dose one full cap of liquid on every alternative daay in your kitchen sink.

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Storage Condition: 12 months at 2 Deg C to 35 C. Store in cool, dry place

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