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Diaper Rash Gel


SkinEasi Baby Diaper Rash Gel prevents, heals & soothes diaper rash, redness, and irritation on delicate baby’s skin that is in prolonged contact with urine and/or feces that collects in diapers. It is formulated with natural oils to ensure the healing process is not disrupted by painful rubbing. 100% safe for daily use on a baby’s sensitive skin.

Features :

  • LONG-LASTING PROTECTION: The protective layer is ultra-thin, yet strong and water-repellent, providing long-lasting protection against rashes and infections.
  • Its active natural ingredients help soothe existing diaper rashes as well as heal and prevent infections. This layer is non-greasy, breathable, and moisture-resistant that protects a baby’s skin for up to long hours.
  • BREATHABLE & WATER REPELLENT: SkinEasi Diaper Rash Gel uses silicone elastomers to create a unique protective layer that is sweatproof and water-resistant.
  • The Unique Protective Layer does not clog a baby's pores and is flexible to adapt to the baby's movements.
  • It doesn't easily rub off and will only get washed off during the daily bath with any baby soap.
  • ULTIMATE DEFENSE: When applied to the diaper area & in between skin folds, SkinEasi Diaper Rash Gel dries quickly to create a unique protective layer that inhibits contact between the baby’s skin and urine & feces that collect in the diaper.
  • It also reduces friction between the baby’s skin and diaper edges, as well as friction between skin folds (intertrigo) to prevent diaper rashes from recurring.

How to Use :

  • Take a small amount of this gel and apply it on rashes and all rash-prone areas such as skin folds in the neck, armpits, groin, bottom, and legs, and on the waist and diaper areas to heal and prevent rashes and infections.
  • Any contact with eyes should be avoided.

Ingredients :

Calendula oil, Lavender oil, Patchouli Oil, Vitamin E and Calamine in a Silicone Elastomer Base.

Shelf Life :

36 Months

Country of Origin:




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