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50 ml

Combo of 2 Cold-pressed Walnut Oils, 50ml (25ml + 25ml)



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Essentia’s Extra Virgin Walnut Oil, extracted from walnuts sourced directly from Kashmir, contains significant antioxidants and is recommended for scalp nourishment. Enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids, it is heavier than our other oils and has a distinctive, wafting aroma of walnuts. Our Walnut oil is 100% pure, unrefined, and free from any adulterants which makes it one of the best walnut oils for both consumption and topical uses. It is extracted through a cold-press technique which helps in keeping all the nutrients intact.

- 100% PURE, COLD PRESSED & EDIBLE - We extract Walnut Oil using the traditional cold-pressed method from walnuts sourced directly from Kashmir.
- STRENGTHENS YOUR BODY- Supports good brain function and improves cognitive abilities. Nourishes body tissues with vital nutrients
- PROMOTES HEALTH- Helps lower blood sugar and blood pressure. Good for heart, and PROMOTES healthy gut. Keeps body warm in winter and increases immunity to sickness. Supports healthy ageing.
- ANTI-AGING - Helps fight wrinkles. Massage oil for babies and adults alike. Can be used as a carrier oil for hair and skin.
- UNREFINED & COMES IN SUSTAINABLE GLASS PACKAGING - Preserves nutrition. Free from Hexane and Argemone oil. Zero added flavours, chemicals or essence. Glass container for longer shelf-life and zero plastic leeching.

100% pure edible walnut oil

How to use:
Can be used for edible as well as topical purposes

Shelf Life: 18 months

Country of Origin: India



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