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Imitation Badger Shaving Brush



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The LetsShave Shave Brush has extra soft bristles that feel soft as the real badger hair glide gently on the skin, easily distributing the shaving cream and lather on the beard area, making it the ideal shaving brush even for the sensitive & irritated skin. A high quality gloss black handle gives a comfortable and stronger grip so that you can move the shaving brush with ease and quickly distribute lather on all parts of the beard area. The handle is durable and long-lasting. This high-quality shaving brush with an aesthetically pleasing design offers luxurious shaving experience for that well-groomed look. The bristles do not fall off easily. They dry out fast and retain their original shape post-shaving.

- The LetsShave Shaving Brush is an excellent way of attaining 'The Ideal Shave'. LetsShave shaving brush will massage your skin and soften the beard so that you won't have to add too much pressure with the razor.
- The massage will also increase the blood circulation, which will protect your skin from irritations. Your skin will be smooth and soft.

How to use:
Wet the brush, Start by running the brush under some warm water to saturate the bristles. Put a small amount of LetsShave Shave Gel or Shave Foam onto the middle of the bristles. Work into a lather on your face. Shave using a fresh razor. Rinse the brush properly under running water and keep for drying

Shelf Life: 24 Months



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