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Evior Complete Care Pack



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World's first 6-Blade Women BODY Razor is specially designed for a Woman's body to give smooth & beautiful skin instantly. Along with The LetsShave Evior Face Razor which is an Exfoliation tool or also called a Dermaplaning Tool that uses a single blade to safely remove the build-up of dead skin and unwanted facial hair (peach fuzz) that make your complexion appear dull and flaky. LetsShave Evior Whipped shaving cream is packed with ingredients like Orange peel, Shea Butter, Argan Oil and Aloe Vera. It will nourish and keep your skin moisturised while providing an extra protective layer between your skin and the razor blade to avoid any Nicks and cuts.

- Evior 6 razor has 6 Sharp blades that give you incredibly close shave by following the natural contours of your body.
- The oval shape of the cartridge is wide enough to remove maximum hair in a single stroke.
- Each blade is designed with brush finger to lift hair up and shave without irritation or ingrown hair. 
- It also has a moisturizing band surrounding the blades enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Lavender Extract that moisturizes and soothes sensitive skin.
- LetsShave Evior Face Razor Reveals a more radiant and glowing complexion instantly.
- It Removes dry, dead skin cell build-up, unwanted facial hair from upper lip, peach fuzz and can also be used on bikini line. Also Brightens, softens, and smoothens skin instantly.
- LetsShave Evior Whipped shaving cream contains an aromatic blend of Strawberry and peach to appeal to your senses
- Paraben and Sulphate free- Parabens increase sensitivity and damage from the ultraviolet sunrays when the skin is exposed, resulting in the death of skin cells at a much faster rate than normal.

How to Use:
- Apply a thin layer of Women whipped shave cream.
- It is enriched with ingredients like Orange peel, Shea Butter, Argan Oil and Aloe Vera.
- Then take Evior 6: Women BODY razor, lightly press & start shaving.
- Shave your legs from the ankles up. For your underarms, shave from all angles & dash up, down and sideways. Head pivots and adjusts to your curves on the knees and ankles.
- It keeps the razor cartridge flat to your skin so you do not miss hairs that way.
- Wash your blades under running water in between your shave.
- When you are done shaving use rich moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and smooth.
- Wash your face thoroughly before using Face Razor. Start using face razor in a downward direction (with the grain of hair) using a gentle hand and light strokes, as if you are just touching the skin.
- You can use it all over the face (Upper-lip, peach-fuzz, forehead, shaping eyebrow) and can even be used on the bikini line.
- Tip- After washing face- if your skin is too dry and flaky you can apply a thin layer of light-weight moisturizer/ face oil to use face razor with ease.



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