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Briganantadi Hair Fall control Shampoo with Amla, Honey & Mulethi 10 Herbs



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Hair fall is one of the most common hair problems, made worse by pollution and lifestyle. Blue Nectar Hair Fall Control Shampoo helps you fight hair fall naturally. Every Bottle of Blue Nectar Hair Fall Control and Healthy Scalp Hair Cleanser Shampoo is enriched with time tested 10 potent Ayurvedic Herbs like Amla, Honey and Mulethi. Excellent properties of this anti Hair Fall Shampoo is due to quality of ingredients and herbs used. These Ayurvedic Herbs are known to restore natural goodness of hair, improve Hair health and help in Hair fall reduction. This nutrient rich, sulphate free, hair fall control shampoo is suitable for all hair types. Active natural ingredients of this shampoo help body's natural ability to strengthen hair follicles that may help in hair growth. Regular use of this shampoo leave hair with a natural luster, swing and fragrance. Amla Herb is rich source of Vitamin C and it's antioxidant properties help control hair fall. Raw Honey is a natural humectant i.e it takes the moisture from air and is able to seal in hair and skin. This helps to keep hair conditioned which helps reduce hair breakage, hair damage and allows hair to stay strong, healthy and grow longer. Mulethi helps to stimulate hair follicles that may help in hair growth. It is important to boost natural ability of Hair growth by providing right nutrients to reduce hair fall. Blue Nectar Amla Honey and Mulethi help exactly to do that.


- Hair Fall Control, naturally: Time tested potent natural herbs help reduce hair fall, promote healthy hair growth and help retain moisture in hair. - Improve Dull & Damaged Hair: Honey and other Ayurvedic Herbs help to restore and lock in moisture and shine assisting improvement of Dull & Damaged Hair. Amla & Honey provide natural smoothness to hair. - Healthy & Dandruff Free Hair & Scalp: With regular use, you will experience the effectiveness of natural ingredients in form of healthier hair and scalp, with dandruff under control. - Suitable for all hair Types: Men, Women, Straight, Curly, Color Treated Hair. Free from Sulphates, Parabens, Mineral Oil etc

How to use:

This shampoo can be used to control Hair Fall for Normal Hair, Color Treated Hair or for Dull and Damaged Hair. - Gently Massage Blue Nectar Hair Fall Shampoo on Hair & Scalp. Leave for few minutes and rinse with fresh water. - For Dull damaged hair it is recommended to massage Hair & Scalp with Blue Nectar Briganantadi Hair Repair Treatment Oil and leave for 30-45 min. Wash hair with Blue Nectar Hair Fall Shampoo.


Amla – Indian Gooseberry has been used as superfood for Indian hair since ancient times. It nourishes and softens the hair, adding a long lasting lustre with a voluminous appearance. Aloe Vera mildly exfoliates dirt and flakes from the scalp, calming down an irritated and dry scalp, helping fight dandruff effectively. Raw Honey helps reduce Hair Damage & Breakage. Honey is natural humectant and seals moisture in Hair. It helps to keep Hair conditioned reducing hair breakage and give them a shine. Mulethi (Licorice root) is an ancient way of hair fall control. Licorice not only works to alleviate a dry, irritated, or scabbed scalp but it helps open pores strengthening weakened hair follicles, which may be a cause of hair fall. Brahmi - It can prevent hair fall by treating dry and damaged scalp. Brahmi could also treat a variety of hair problems such as dandruff, itchiness and formation of split ends Henna - Used since ancient times for maintaining scalp health and for balancing pH level of scalp. It unclogs pores helping control excessive hair fall. Complete Ingredient List Amla extract, Mulethi extract, Honey, Glycerin, Bhringraj, Brahmi extract, Gudhal extract, Bhumi Amla extract, Bela extract, Henna extract, Shampoo Base (Sulphate Free), Phenoxy Ethanol (Paraben Free), Capryl Glycol, Essential oil

Shelf Life:

24 Months

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