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Nourish Vitals
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Nourish Vitals

Barbeque Roasted Almonds



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Product Description
NourishVitals Barbeque Roasted Almonds are farm-fresh exotic nuts handpicked from Californian farms. They have no added oil or butter and are spruced with fresh aromatic spices and natural table salt in the barbequing process. They are an apt partner for your healthy salads with their nutrient value. A perfect concoction of health and taste from the family of NourishVitals.

Quality Control Touchstones: These almonds are prepared and hygienically packaged through the implementation of stringent quality control standards., Natural aromatic spices: These almonds are barbequed with natural aromatic spices of premium quality., Natural preservation techniques: The100% natural barbequing and preserving techniques abide by stringent gauges of quality control to preserve the natural benefits of almonds naturally., Luscious overload of nutrients: Californian almonds are rich in nutrients like magnesium, calcium, folate, riboflavin, protein, dietary fiber, vitamin E, manganese, and monosaturated fats. They assist in regulating gluttony, boosting activity, and promoting overall wellbeing. The richness of calcium assists in boosting bone health. 100% Vegetarian Delicacy: They are pure vegetarian delights and make your binging experience energizing., Naturally appetizing: The 100 % natural almonds are delicious goodies consisting of natural ingredients processed naturally., Luscious travel partner: The customized packaging of these almonds meets your travel requirements with ease. Open, munch, and seal-close the pack.

How to use
Replace unhealthy snacks with NourishVitals Barbeque Roasted Almonds with your evening tea, Use it as garnishing in your delicious and healthy cooking, Use it as a barbequed treat to gratify your cravings for snacks, Use it as a snack for a coterie of friends and families

Almonds, Spices and Condiments (Chilli Coriander, Cumin, Black Pepper), Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Lodised Salt, Flavour.

Shelf Life
12 Months

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