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100% Whey Protein With Digestive Enzyme



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MuscleXP 100% Whey Protein New Gold helps deliver an ultra-high quality macronutrient protein formula with naturally occurring amino acids the body needs everyday. Whey Protein is essential in any nutrition regimen, helping to provide a catalyst to the body for protein synthesis and muscle growth. Far superior to other protein supplements, this advanced formula will help provide your body with the clean high-quality protein you need to help fuel muscles while maximizing recovery. MuscleXP 100% Whey Protein is free from banned substances, helping to provide peace of mind in the highest quality formulation. Our researchers created a superior whey protein formula that not only helps deliver rapid muscle-fueling results, but every flavor has a satisfying, delicious, mouth-watering taste profile. Each serving mixes up instantly with a blender, shaker, or a spoon.

The true strength of whey: Many top athletes make Whey Protein their first choice for post-workout recovery. MuscleXP 100% Whey Protein is a complete protein, meaning it provides the full range of Essential Amino Acids that can only be taken in through diet, and digests rapidly to help kick-start the recovery process. MuscleXP 100% Whey Protein is an all-whey concentrate combined with Pure Whey Protein Isolate.

Beyond the basics:

-Fast-acting Whey Protein Isolate & Whey Concentrate is the leading Protein source

-Higher protein percentage (25g of protein, 88.45% Whey protein by weight)

-Includes Ultra

-Filtered Whey for less cholesterol, fat & sodium.

-5.84g Naturally Derived BCAAs per serving & 4.13g L

-Glutamic Acid-Contains Digestive Enzymes For Faster Absorption.

-Instantized to Mix Easily Using a Glass and Spoon. Quick absorbing Whey Protein Blend helps speed amino acids delivery to support muscles immediately after workouts.



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