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Hye Foods
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Hye Foods

HYE Low Fat Camel Milk Powder


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HYE uses fresh & pure Camel Milk to prepare Camel Milk Powder. Our Low-Fat Camel Milk Powder is half in fats and full in awesomeness! Camel Milk Powder not only has similar benefits, but also tastes like real Camel Milk. It is Pure, Natural and rich in Pro-biotics that aids in Gut Healing. High IGg content in Camel Milk also boosts immunity. Rich nutrition content helps in overall body growth and height growth.

- Awesomeness of Camel Milk now in Low Fat!
- HYE Low Fat Camel Milk Powder is Lab tested and Manufactured in ISO certified plants.
- Camel Milk Powder by HYE is Gluten Free (lab tested) and low in lactose which is suitable for people allergic to cow’s milk.
- Camel’s milk contains a different composition of whey proteins & caseins when compared to cow milk, which is a big reason why it has more healing properties.

Camel Milk Powder

How to use:
Take 200ml of water and add 2 scoops. Mix it well with the help of blender/shaker and your delicious Milk is ready to consume.

Shelf Life: 9 Months

Country of Origin: India

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