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The Complete Fragrance Set for Men (Set of 7)



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It contains 7 different perfumes - #PartyAnimal, #WildChild, #Gentleman, #IntoTheWild, #Challenger, #Wanderer, #Swag. As the name suggests it is a complete fragrance set for any man with 7 different perfumes – one for each day of the week. Premium ingredients and 18% Perfume Oil Concentration enables the perfumes to last as long as many of the premium brands These perfumes can also be used as refills for the LIGHTR which is a carry case for your perfume. Alternatively, the Perfumes are very handy to be carried in your pocket, jacket, bags, etc.

This Kit Contains : PartyAnimal, WildChild, Gentleman, IntoTheWild, Challenger, Wanderer, Swag

Features :

  • The LIGHTR is India’s first Interchangeable Carry Perfume. The pack contains a LIGHTR Carry case along with 7 different perfumes which can be changed as and when needed. Get India’s First Interchangeable carry perfumes and change the way you carry and use your scents.
  • The case is so light and stylish and to top it all it will fit perfectly in your pocket so that you can carry it wherever you go !!Get 7 different perfumes packed with a punch so that you can now use a different perfume everydayInterchangeable leather perfume cases that exudes luxury in every facet.
  • If you love to be stylish, these are your must have accessories.What better gift than a perfume ? Simple, that would a LIGHTR.
  • The LIGHTR is different, novel and new which will not fail to impress your loved ones With 18% Perfume Oil concentration and infusion of premium natural extracts will ensure your fragrance has more depth and will last longer than most perfumes available in the market.

Fragrance Notes :

Swag Eau De Parfum For Men

  • TOP NOTE : Mandarin Orange,Petitgrain
  • MIDDLE NOTE : Lavender,Cotton Flower,Sea Water
  • BASE NOTE : Clary Sage,Woody,Amber

Wanderer Eau De Parfum For Men

  • TOP NOTE : Geranium,Lemon,Lavender
  • MIDDLE NOTE : Cinnamon,Basil
  • BASE NOTE : Oakmoss,Patchouli,Vetiver

Challenger Eau De Parfum For Men

  • TOP NOTE : Cypress,Vetiver
  • MIDDLE NOTE : Bourbon Whiskey,Vetiver
  • BASE NOTE : Musk,Cashmeran,Woody Notes,Spicy Notes

Gentleman Eau De Parfum For Men

  • TOP NOTE : Neroli,Rose,Citruses
  • MIDDLE NOTE : Orange Blossom,Apple,Lavender,Eucalyptus
  • BASE NOTE : Amber,Cedar,Patchouli,Vanilla

WildChild Eau De Parfum For Men

  • TOP NOTE : Black Currant,Bergamot,Apple
  • MIDDLE NOTE : Rose,Jasmine,Patchouli
  • BASE NOTE : Musk,Oakmoss,Vanilla

PartyAnimal Eau De Parfum For Men

  • TOP NOTE : Bergamot,Lavender
  • MIDDLE NOTE : Geranium,Coriander,Mint
  • BASE NOTE : Oakmoss,Patchouli,Juniper

IntoTheWild Eau De Parfum For Men

  • TOP NOTE : Orange,Lemon,Nutmeg
  • MIDDLE NOTE : Rosemary,Lavender,Geranium
  • BASE NOTE : Musk,Litchi,Vetiver

How to Use :

Use on Pulse points.


Denatured Ethyl Alcohol,Parfum(Fragrances), Aqua(Water), Isopropyl Myristate, Ppg 20 (Methyl Glucose Ether)

Shelf Life :

36 Months

Country of Origin :


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