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The Pledge Bamboo Toothbrush Kids (5-8 Years) Hefty Handle Gum Sensitive Soft Bristles


Teeth-a-bit The Pledge Toothbrush brings to you India’s largest eco-friendly & home-grown wooden toothbrush portfolio. The toothbrush has been custom designed with highest quality bamboo for Adults (13+ Years). teeth-a-bit bamboo toothbrush features BPA-free, soft, dentist designed bristles which are gentle on your enamel and gums and tough on plaque and bacteria. With high bend retention, the bristle filaments have been rigorously tested to provide you deep anti-staining cleaning for your pearlies. The toothbrush has been designed by dentist with a hefty handle in a curvy 3D configuration that is lightweight yet sturdy for better handling and gripping. Each toothbrush features unique identifiers to keep your brush distinguishingly yours, designed in-house by our team of experts matched to 4 pledge worthy themes - Forest Green, Ocean Blue, Space Black and Love Pink. teeth-a-bit toothbrushes are made from organically grown and cruelty-free bamboo that is FSC certified. Our 100% Organic splinter free bamboo handle is extra coated with natural plant-based materials to protect it from water damage and enhance its anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. At teeth-a-bit, we have chosen to be part of the solution, not part of the plastic pollution. teeth-a-bit bamboo toothbrushes get a high Earth Score of 96%, an in-house algorithm that ranks products for their positive environmental impact. Each teeth-a-bit Bamboo toothbrush saves 20 grams of plastic going into our pristine oceans, forests and landfills.

Features :

  • Custom designed by dentists for kids (5-8 years)
  • Made with earth-friendly 100% organic bamboo
  • End rounded soft bristle design for superior cleaning
  • Curvy hefty ergonomic handle with premium 3D configuration grip
  • Fun unique identifiers to keep your brush yours
  • Each Teeth-a-bit Bamboo toothbrush saves 20 grams of plastic going into our pristine oceans, forests and landfills.

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