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Indic Wisdom
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Indic Wisdom

Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil And Coconut Oil



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Experience the Essence - Spread the goodness with the Wood Pressed Coconut Oil from IndicWisdom. It’s extracted on wooden churners at room temperature, preserving the rich aroma and flavor of pure coconut oil. It’s the coconut oil for cooking that’s also great for the hair and body. Pure and Natural Goodness - Our wood pressed coconut oil is extracted from freshly harvested uncut copra with self-assimilated water. This helps create and keep the product natural, and unrefined. Treat your body to the nourishing benefits of this pure coconut oil for skin, hair, and body. IndicWisdom Wood pressed Groundnut Oil is extracted from PREMIUM QUALITY LOW FFA (Free Fatty Acids) PEANUTS sourced directly from Farmers in Saurashtra, Gujarat.

This Kit Contains: Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil 1000ml + Coconut Oil 1000ml


  • NO CHEMICALS or PRESERVATIVES used while Extraction & Processing.
  • This Oil is Best Combination of TASTE, AROMA & HEALTHY FATTY ACIDS.
  • Wood Pressing ensures it is FULL OF NATURAL ANTI-OXIDANTS & NUTRIENTS.
  • Seeds Broken without adding Water to Retain Lowest Moisture.
  • It has undergone FATTY ACID PROFILING to ensure 100% purity and no adulteration.
  • HIGH SMOKE POINT, It is suited from sauteing, shallow frying to deep frying, as it has a high smoke point.
  • Wood Pressed oil is Perfect for INDIAN COOKING all year round.

How to Use:

  • Groundnut Oil is suited from sauteing, shallow frying to deep frying, as it has a high smoke point.
  • Coconut It can be consumed directly and is also a great alternative medium for daily cooking.


Dry Coconut and Groundnut Seeds

Shelf Life:

12 Months

Country of Origin:


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