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Daily Fiber - Vanilla Berry



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COMPLETE SUPERFOOD ORGANIC PLANT PROTEIN : Scientifically formulated by nutritionists in the US. This delicious superfood protein is 100% plant based high bioavailability and digestibility. A single serving provides 22g of complete protein requirements all essential amino acids and 4g of BCAAs


  • SUPERIOR PROTEIN MUSCLE GROWTH & REPAIR : With 22 grams of pure protein sourced from European Pea Protein Isolate Brown Rice Protein Isolate and Chia Seeds this plant protein is an excellent post workout companion with a complete amino acid profile that acts like a building block the body
  • NATURAL SUPERFOOD BLEND ENHANCED IMMUNITY & RECOVERY: Unlike traditional proteins our vegan protein is enriched with nutrient dense alkalizing superfoods like Organic Spirulina Chlorella and Moringa.
  • COMPLETE GUT BALANCE AND EASY TO DIGEST: Each serving is enhanced with our digestive enzyme blend of Protease Papain and Bromelain from Pineapples and Papayas to facilitate faster breakdown of proteins to improve gut health and effective digestion
  • ORGANIC BERRY & ANTIOXIDANT BLENDS ADDED BENEFITS: Our potent Berry Blend with extracts of Bilberry Acerola Cherry Goji Berry and Cranberry enriched with natural fiber helps increase satiety and improve immunity levels.

How to Use:

1 Sachet Adults Half Kids - Add to Plain water/ Juices Smoothies/Breakfast Cereals/Plain Yogurt and Enjoy


Plant-Based Protein Blend - Pea Protein Isolate Brown Rice Protein Isolate and Chia Seed Protein. Superfood Blend : Spirulina Powder Moringa Powder and Chlorella Powder. Berry Blend : Bilberry Extract Acerola Cherry Extract Goji Berry Extract and Cranberry Extract. Antioxidant Blend : Grape Seed Extract and Green Tea Extract. Digestive Enzyms Blend : Protease Papain and Bromelain. Flavour Blend : Cocoa Powder Chocolate Flavour and Natural Hazelnut Flavour.

Shelf Life:

547 Days

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