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Namhya Foods
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Namhya Foods

Ashwagandha powder for immunity


Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is one of the most highly regarded and commonly used adaptogens in the Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia. It is considered one of the best herbs for calming vata and for revitalizing the male reproductive system. Used by both men and women, it maintains proper nourishment of the tissues, particularly muscle and bone, while supporting proper function of the adrenals.This potent herb is used to promote muscle strength and to support comfortable joint movement. As a rejuvenative, Ashwagandha is particularly useful to elderly and for anyone that would benefit from a nourishing, natural source of energy. Blood Sugar Levels Stress and Anxiety Testosterone Levels Muscle Mass & Strength Boosts immunity Some other benefits:

1. PROMOTES VITALITY : Ashwagandha powder is a herbal tonic that helps calm the mind and relaxes the body by combatting fatigue.

2. IMMUNITY BOOSTER : It has been shown to encourage anti-inflammatory and disease-fighting immune cells that help to ward off illness. HELPS in building Strength: helps in gaining height, enables gaining muscle and bone mass

3. PROTECTS SKIN : Ashwagandha root has both antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which protect the skin from infections or acne.

How to use:
- Simmer 1 to 2 teaspoons powdered ashwagandha in 2 cups milk over low heat for 15 minutes.
- Add 1 tablespoon raw sugar and ⅛ teaspoon cardamom and stir until well mixed.
- Turn off heat.
- Drink a cup once or twice a day
- Pure Ashwagandha Powder 24 months



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