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Dr. Vaidya's
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Dr. Vaidya's




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In today’s day and age, frequent infections, weak immunity, low energy, indigestion, and other problems commonly affect us due to unhealthy eating habits, and constantly increasing stress levels. This pack is a combination of Chakaash and Herbofit that helps one to boost immunity and fight frequent infections.



  • Family Chyawanprash Pack Benefits
  • Perfect for the whole family
  • Chakaash is specially designed for kids
  • Helps build long-term immunity
  • Protects from seasonal infections
  • Boosts energy and combats fatigue
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Curated by Ayurvedic doctors

How to Use:

  • Family Chyawanprash Pack Dosage
  • Adults can take 2 teaspoons of MyPrash twice a day, on an empty stomach, followed by a glass of warm milk or water
  • Kids over the age of 4 can take 1 teaspoon of MyPrash twice a day
  • Both kids and adults can enjoy 1-2 Chakaash toffees a day
  • Recommended Duration: For best results, we recommend you take Family Chyawanprash Pack regularly for a minimum of 3 months. That said, you can take this pack year-round as well since it’s a natural immunity booster that has no known side effects when taken with the recommended dosage.


  • Amla: Contains Vitamin C that helps boost digestion, immunity, and energy levels
  • Pippali: Helps boost digestion, nutrient absorption, and respiratory health
  • Giloy: Helps combat infections, boosts immunity, and improves digestive health
  • Amla Ghan: Helps improve nutrient absorption and combat free radical damage
  • Lavang Ghan: Helps combat cough and cold
  • Jatamansi Ghan: Helps boosts memory and calms the mind
  • Taj Ghan: Helps improve digestion, combats congestion, and relieves abdominal spasms

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