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Top Coat-202

15 ml

Ola Candy

Top Coat-202


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15 ml


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Deriving its inspiration from scintillating pop colours and vibrant yet quirky hues of candy; Ola! Candy nail lacquer is dynamic, spirited and unapologetically vivacious. With over shades ranging from matts to glitters to corals to neons, Ola! Candy is the perfect companion to the modern woman – stylish, fuss-free and versatile. Ola! Candy represents the spirit within woman embracing her individuality. The collection features a dynamic selection of shades that empower you – the woman of today to courageously make the statement of your choice.

It is the best nail polish online for enhancing your beauty collection to follow the best trends of the season. It completes a manicure round to give lustrous and beautiful looking nails ideal for any occasion. 

- Nail Lacquer or Polishes for Salon & Spa Professionals 
- French Formulation High shine, Chip resistant & Long lasting
- Free from 5 Harmful toxic chemicals
- High performing nail enamels
- It comes with a brush to allow comfortable and easy strokes of the nail enamel.
- It helps in creating the best nail art designs and intricate artwork through the nails to make them appear stylish.
- Stylists and experts recommend it, post a thorough manicure; it can even be used at home. 

Size/Colour: 15 ml/


DBP Dibutyl Phthalate: Prevents your polish from chipping and cracking. Also found in adhesives, printing ink, and plastics. It's been designated a reproductive and developmental toxin.

TOLUENE: Helps polish go on smoothly. Also found in gasoline, rubber cement, and shoe polish. Inhaling products containing toluene causes light-headedness, nausea and even unconsciousness and sometimes death. It's also linked to developmental damage for pregnant women.

FORMALDEHYDE: Makes polish tough and resistant. Most commonly found in nail strengtheners, not polish. It's also directly linked to nasal sinus cancer and the development of leukemia.

FORMALDEHYDE RESIN: A less toxic version of formaldehyde, this ingredient is still considered a skin allergen that can cause dermatitis.

CAMPHOR: Helps polish adhere to your nails.Removes nourishment from nails and makes them yellow. It does cause skin irritation and is poisonous when ingested in large doses. Nail biters beware!

How to Use:
- Swipe the brush on the inside of the bottle’s opening to remove excess base coat from the brush
- Swipe the brush in a straight line from the base to the tip of your nail, starting from the centre and then moving the brush upwards along the sides
- Apply 2 coats for best results


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