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8 ml

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Addiction Gel Nail Enamel



Orchid Purple,A28

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Orchid Purple,A28

Raisin Purple,A27

Plum Shot,A22



Blue Flicker,A54

Burnt Umber,A43

Sugar brown,A40

Pink Galaxy,A52

Pink Valentine,A03

Tropical Peach,A37

Summer Green,A31

Silver Shimmer,A57

Dark Coco,A44

Grey Glister,A58

Classic Magenta,A15

Black Beauty,A50

Tea Rose,A35

Crystal Pink,A53

Ash Grey,A47

Regal Purple,A26

Vintage Green,A56

Pink Flamingo,A06

Midnight Shine,A60

Humble Brown,A41

Pastel Purple,A23

Chestnut Brown,A42

Dreamy Nude,A34

Mauve Delight,A36

Coral Pink,A11

Warm Red,A19

Bloody Mary,A20

Blue Glamour,A55

Sweet Rose,A07

Sunshine Yellow,A33

Peach Melody,A39

Bright Candy,A02

White snow,A49

Pink Dream,A51

Hot Pink,A14

Golden Glitz,A59

Lavender Vibe,A24

Pink Punch,A05

Bloom blue,A30

Berry Pink,A16

Pink Macaron,A01

Rasberry Pink,A08

Jam Red,A18

Dark Magenta,A17

Mulberry Bush,A21

Lilac Love,A25

Grey Graphite,A45

Nude Sienna,A38

Rougie Pink,A09

Mint Dream,A32

Tickled Pink,A12

Thunder Blue,A29

grey memories,A48

Rosy Pink,A04

Glacier Grey,A46

This gorgeous, glossy effect UV Gel Nail Polish promises you 21 days of high gloss wear without nicking, chipping, or smudging. A range of Gel nail enamel having the qualities that treat your nails with care. These nail paints provide enrichment with Vitamin E & Almond oil that hydrates your nail and avoids yellowing of nails. Formulated with a 19-free formula, this enamel ensures minimal use of chemicals and toxins. The production process uses renewable and sustainable technologies.

Feature Tags:

(a) Eyeconic Shine (b) Vegan (c) Vitamin E (d) Almond Oil (f) Long Lasting

How to Use:

Start by applying the nail lacquer from the center of the nail, working towards the edges. Let dry. Then apply second coat.


Vitamin E, Almond Oil, Water

Shelf Life:

30 months

Country of Origin:


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