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Cocoa Butter Body Yogurt



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Spantra Body Yogurt Blended with Cocoa butter may help protecting your skin from free radical damage which is crucial to keep it healthy and youthful looking Cocoa butter is high in Anti-Oxidant which can help fight free radical damage which may cause skin aging dark patches and dull ski also it is rich in moisturizer which hydrates the skin deeply Due to the nourishing and healing properties of Spantra Cocoa Butter body butter, you can use it for sunburn, dry patches. It contains vitamin E and A that heals minor cuts, stretch marks and also removes scars and marks. After Showering Take a generous amount of body yogurt and apply evenly on damp skin rubbing gently till it completely vanishes on skin. Quick Absorbing Hydrating Non-Sticky Light Texture Can be used as a substitute for Winter Cream Body Lotion and Body Butter Calms Down Irritated Skin Anti-Aging Anti Wrinkles Reduces Tan UVA– UVB Protection Skin Brightening Each Variants of Spantra Body Yogurt is Rich in Vitamins and are 100% Natural including Herbal Fragrance, This Gel Based Body Yogurt is Suitable for All Skin Types. Also Beneficial for Itchy Skin.

- Spantra Cocoa Butter body yogurt can be easily applied as a sunscreen for sun protection.
- Dermats believe that Cocoa Butter contains natural SPF that can save you from sunburns and renew tanned skin.
- However, it is not a substitute for a sunscreen cream

How to Use:
1. Dry your Body after Bathing
2. Apply appropriate amount of Spantra Cocoa Butter Body Yogurt along the Skin texture to your Body.
3. Gently Massage in circular motion to help absorb faster.
4. Soft, smooth & glowing Skin.

Spantra Cocoa Butter Body Yogurt it Contain Cocoabutter, Aloe Vera Extract, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil

Shelf Life:
36 months

Storage condition:
Keep it in a Cool & Dry Place

Country of Origin:

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