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Size L

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Polka Reusable Menstrual Cup With Reusable Pouch



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Premium reusable menstrual Cup made up of 100% medical grade silicone offering rash free and itchiness free experience. L size cup can hold up to 30 ml of flow..

Features :

  • Safe and leak-proof: - 1 Premium cup made of medical grade silicone. Flexible and soft to use
  • Find your size: - L size for women with heavy flow or post vaginal delivery. L size holds up to 30ml of flow
  • Reusable and economical: Provides a leak-proof, rash and itchiness free. Reusable for up to 8 years. Maintains Ph balance of intimate area. FDA approved. ustainable as helps to reduce sanitary waste
  • Special stem for removal: This menstrual cup features a special stem for easier and painless removal. It can be worn overnight and during physical activities, too.
  • Cotton carry pouch: With an easy-to-use cotton carry pouch, this cup is perfect for your next trip."

How to Use :

  • Fold: Fold the cup to form a U shape with thumb and forefinger
  • Insert: Insert the cup gently into vagina with folded side up, while pushing it upwards
  • Remove: Pinch the stem of the cup and squeeze to release vacuum and gently pull it out
  • Wash: Sterilise the cup in boiling water for 8 mins. Dry and cool before next use.

Shelf Life :

5 Years

Country of Origin :


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