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130 ml

Primer Fixer Liquid Concealer And Ultra Thin Foundation Combo



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About the Product:

Quickly minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines for smoother-than-smoother skin. Apply this silky, lightweight, balm alone & under makeup. Blend into Under Eye to smooth over fine line Nose & Cheeks to Minimize the appearance of pores & Blemishes, Zone fatte Results. It absorbs into the skin completely & helps to close the pores so that makeup does not get into pores. it locks makeup & skin tone is more even. It is long, lasts up to 8 hours & gives a matt finish.


A) Full coverage B) Complete absorption C) Long lasting D) Matte finish

How to Use:

Step 1: Moisturizer

Step 2: Primer

Step 3: Liquid Foundation

Step 4: Concealer

Step 5: Powder

Step 6: Bronzer.

Step 7: Blush

Step 8: Highlighter

Step 9: Eyeshadow

Step 10: Eyeliner

Step 11: Mascara

Step 12: Lip Gloss Or Lipstick

Step 13: Setting Spray


Dimethicone Cross Polymer,Silica,Capric Caprylic Triglyride,Cyclopentasiloxane

About the Brand:

We see beauty as an attribute that makes you inevitable. Your beauty carries your character and personality. We believe that your beauty makes you stand out amongst the people. To stand amongst the people, a touch of perfection is what you need. And that is why we provide the best cosmetics products, as women deserve the best. Makeup is not just about making you look more beautiful; it is about being astonishing and enhancing your look; Which people can't take their eyes off; We understand that excess of work often gives you less time for yourself. And while you handle your life, work and career don't let your beauty fade away. Let Insight Cosmetics add some beauty to it; with our most fascinating range of products.

Shelf Life:

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