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8 ml

Kea Cosmetics
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Kea Cosmetics

Glide-On Matte Masti Liquid Lipstick



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Daily Dulhan

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Daily Dulhan

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Experience the epitome of glamour with our Glide-On Matte Masti Liquid Lipstick, offering the perfect fusion of smoothness and silkiness, free from the inconvenience of dryness. Living up to its name, this lipstick effortlessly glides like a gloss, leaving a stunning matte finish. Whether indulging in Masti moments with greasy food or celebratory drinks, our product stands resilient, ensuring a flawless look that lasts confidently for over 12 hours. 

Feature Tags:

(a) Easy Glide on (b) Feather light feel (c) Highly Pigmented (d) Comfortable 8-Hour Wear (e) Non-Cracking Formula (f) Smooth and nourished

From crucial client meetings to promising dates and spirited family gatherings, the Matte Masti remains your steadfast companion—lightweight, durable, and the ultimate choice for all-day elegance.

Size/Colour: 8 ml/Daily Dulhan

Shelf Life:

12 Months

Country of Origin:


  • Lip Preparation: Ensure clean, dry lips; consider exfoliation for a smoother application surface.
  • Kea Glide-On Matte Masti Liquid Lipstick Application: Outline lips from center to outer edges, then fill in.
  • Finishing Touch: Allow a brief drying period. Utilize a lip brush for precision, completing your stunning Kea Kudi look!
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