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Forest Honey


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This is not just honey, this is Forest Honey, one of the most profound offerings from The Honey Shop. The value of honey depends upon the flowers from which bees collect their nectar. And where can you find a variety of herbal and medicinal plants together in their full? Right, in a forest! In the heart of lush green forests, the blooming plants are not just fresh and in abundance but also 100% organic. What’s interesting is that wild honey can differ in colour, composition and taste depending upon the seasons of the year. Our tribal honey foragers travel deep within the forest to harvest the honey collected by bees from these plants and ultimately give you, the nature’s best in a jar.

- Forest honey is naturally rich in anti-oxidants and therefore, boosts your immunity.
- It has a strong flavour and fragrance that not only appetizes but also appeases your mind.
- Naturally rich with enzymes, vitamins and minerals, it stimulates digestion and supports weight loss.
- Honey is a natural anti-bacterial but forest honey can be anti-fungal and anti-viral too.
- All the plants from which bees collect nectar are organic and free from any human interference.

Shelf Life: 18 Months

Ingredients: Honey

How to use:
- Use it to sweeten your dressings
- Honey in your coffee or tea to make it healthier
- Drizzle Honey on top of toast or pancakes for a healthy start of your day
- Mix Honey into yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal for a more natural sweetener
- Apply on your skin
- Drink it with warm water with a dash of lemon first thing in the morning

Storage Condition: At room temperature with lid tightly fastened



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