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200 gm*3

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Desert Salt, Pink Salt, Black Salt Sprinklers


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Experience the natural goodness of Lunn Pink Rock Salt also called Sendha Namak! Pink Rock Salt is packed with essential minerals and free from pollutants that can harm your body. Black Salt or Kala Namak is a gift from Ayurveda. Black Salt is produced by centuries old Ayurvedic preparation. 9th largest subtropical Desert in the world. Deep beneath its glistening hot sands, large pools of water form when the rare rains arrive during the monsoon season. As the water seeps down, it combines with the mineral rich Desert Salt to form a thick saline mixture. This is pumped up and left to dry in the Salt pans, creating dunes of one of the purest forms of Desert Salt.

Features :

  • Organic Harvest: Desert Salt is harvested organically, without any chemical cleaning.
  • Free From Microplastics: Desert Salt is sourced from unpolluted Desert of Rajasthan which is free from micro-plastics found in Sea Salt.
  • No Anti-caking Agents: Anti-caking agent is a chemical which is added into Salt to make it free from lumps. But our Desert Salt is totally free from chemicals like anti caking agent.
  • Vegan: Aquatic animals live, die & dissolve in sea water which is used to produced Sea Salt. Desert Salt produced from ground water which is free of aquatic life.
  • Experience yourself by placing few grains of Desert Salt on your tongue, after 5 seconds you will notice no salty taste unlike other common Salts .
  • Hand Harvested: The Salt crystals are hand harvested & hand cleaned ready.
  • For Daily Cooking: Desert Salt is healthy alternative for your common Table Salt.

How to Use :

  • For Daily Cooking

Ingredients :

Pink Salt, Black Salt, Desert Salt

Shelf Life :

36 Months

Country of Origin :


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