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Dr. Ortho
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Dr. Ortho

Knee Cap with Open Patella


In today's world issues like knee pain, and discomforts related to the knee are very common. Sometimes, injuries lead to them, on the others, it is just something that happens with age. It can get difficult sometimes to deal with so much on our plates already. Dr. Ortho has many products solely dedicated to joint care. Of those many products, we have our newly launched Knee cap with an open patella.


  • The Dr. Ortho knee cap with the open patella is made with high shelf hypoallergenic materials keeping the user's comfort in mind. The product is designed scientifically with the anterior patellar opening cushioned lightly with soft foam around the patella. With the opening near the patellar region, it is easier for the knee cap to adjust itself around the knee joint and absorb the excess discomfort/vibrations via the soft foam padding near the patella. The fabric used in it is of high tensile strength for durability. The durability of this product allows it to be designed for protection and provides the most relaxing support possible.
  • The anterior patellar opening and padding hold the patella in a stable position throughout the working environment or during physical activities. It keeps the natural position of the patella in place, thus giving the most optimal support to the knee. Plus, the anti-slip grip adds to its performance. The super-comfortable design is easy to put on and keep well-supported.
  • Provides therapeutic warmth.
  • Provides optimum compression and comfort.
  • Provides flexible space for patella movement.
  • Useful for exercise and daily activities.

How to Use:

  • Dr. Ortho Knee cap with open patella must be worn upside down starting from the foot.
  • Adjust the patellar opening as you reach the knee as per your comfort.
  • Make sure the knee cap with the open patella is worn properly.
  • Cover the knee properly with the opening so, the patella is free to move and the knee keeps on getting the best support.


Cotton and nylon

Shelf Life:

60 months

Country of Origin:


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