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26-30 inches

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Align Back Posture Corrector - Specially designed X-Long Metal Support Bars



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The Caresmith Align posture corrector is the most effective and comfortable posture corrector available in the market. With extra long metal support bars, sweat resistant mesh fabric and premium hook & loop fasteners, the align posture corrector is designed to keep your posture upright and at the same time develop muscle memory and self-awareness of your posture. Stop slouching and embrace your new confident posture with Align back support belt!

Features :

  • REGAIN PROPER POSTURE: First impressions make a difference and so does standing straighter. Wearing this posture corrector ensures you stop slouching when standing, sitting, or carrying out your other daily activities. Look good and feel confident by regaining your natural posture!
  • SIZE 1: Suitable for people with navel circumference of 26-30 inches (waist size measured at the navel). NOTE: As the posture corrector is stretchy & flexible, you may fall in 2 size categories. If your height is 5’10” or more, we recommend choosing the bigger size. Please look at the size chart in the images for more details.
  • PREMIUM SUPPORT: Align comes with extra long metal support bars and waist straps which provide exceptional support for an upright posture. Boasting a breathable yet sturdy mesh fabric, soft foam straps and quality hook & loop fasteners, this posture corrector is comfortable enough to wear at home, in the office, or even when traveling!
  • LONG TERM CORRECTIVE BENEFITS: We don't want you to wear your posture corrector forever. This back support belt is designed to develop muscle memory and self-awareness of your posture. Over time, your body will recognize and keep your back straight even without the posture corrector!
  • POSTURE CORRECTION, ONE STEP AT A TIME: We suggest wearing the advanced posture corrector for at least 20 minutes a day the first week. If you are comfortable then we suggest you increase that time by 20 minutes every week, until you are completely comfortable wearing the corrector up to 2 hours every day.

How to Use :

  • Wear the posture corrector on the back and tighten for correcting the posture. Wear it while working or travelling as long as you need.

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