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The Love Co.
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The Love Co.

Hand wash, Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand wash For Clean & Moisturizing Hand



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Product Description
The Love Co. cosmeceuticals embarked on a mission to make beauty simple, smart, and safe for all ages and genders. They craft their products to give you the amazing results you love using the best and most thoroughly researched ingredients. Their goal is to constantly search for the best ingredients, anti-oxidants and create a safe, world of cosmeceuticals. They promise to deliver only the safest and most exotic products to your door and provide you with a product that you can trust.
The Love Co. Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand Wash is a plant-powered liquid hand wash with a thick, honey-like consistency. One pump produces just the right amount of bubbles to clean and moisturize, yet still removes dirt, oil, germs, food, and other contaminants. This doctor-developed formula leaves no residues or lingering scent, only clean, smooth skin. The various scent like lavender, moringa, rose, orange, lemon, neem, Oudh, peach, blueberry, blackcurrant, the cherry blossom is from essential oils and provides a fresh aroma while you soap up your hands and then quickly disappears. The food-grade, plant, and mineral-based ingredients were carefully chosen and developed into a premium solution by Harrods, a trusted source for natural, plant-based, safe, hypoallergenic, and effective personal care and household essentials. The proprietary blend of nature-safe ingredients is family-friendly and free from harsh chemicals and fumes.

Moisturizing hand soap to leave your skin feeling renewed and refreshed
Formulated with vitamin E and botanical extracts
Deeply cleanse the skins by removing excess dirt and other impurities
Helps fight sweat glands that secrete body odor and acts as a natural deodorant
Promotes even skin tone and protects against UV damage
Hydrates and moisturizes dehydrated dry skin leaving it smooth and soft
Provides a fresh aroma while you soap up your hands and then quickly disappears
Family-friendly and suitable for all skin types
The product is 100% vegan and free from parabens, sulfate, minerals ,and silicone; cruelty-free

How to use
Rinse your hand.
Pour the refreshing gel onto the wet hand.
Massage gently to create a rich lather.
Rinse thoroughly.

Vitamin E, Botanical Extracts

Shelf Life
36 Months

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