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The Man Company
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The Man Company

Hair Growth Tonic



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The Man Company Hair Tonic is a work of art. It's 99.75% natural and is free of any silicon and paraben and minerals. It contains 3% Redensyl, a breakthrough hair growth ingredient that targets hair growth at a cellular level. This is the easiest and safest route to revive your hair growth and control hair loss since its plant-based. The hair tonic is a thought-through mix of 4 important key ingredients that keep the scalp healthy, renew hair follicles, strengthen hair, and accelerate hair growth. It’s a simple, no invasive solution that gives you visible results is just 3 months with no side effects!

- Reduced Hair Fall: Jojoba is a powerhouse of Vitamins and Minerals that is known to nourish hair. It also contains Vitamin B, C and E, copper and zinc. Zinc reinforces the hair shaft structure thus making the root stronger. Jojoba Oil prevents hair loss, breakage and thinning of hair.
- Promotes Hair Growth: The Man Company comes with scientifically proven hair growth tonic with 3% Redensyl as a natural ingredient that targets hair growth at a cellular level. It targets hair growth at the cellular level and is free of any side effects. It regenerates hair cells and stimulates hair growth.

How to use:
- Take 4-5 drops of Hair Tonic
- Apply it on the scalp thoroughly
- Massage it for increased absorption
- Leave it on

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Country of Origin: India



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